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RVG 6200 Digital Intraoral Sensor

The RVG 6200 carries on the RVG bequest of long lasting intraoral digital sensors. The scheme offers practitioners with quality images and boosts the technology its users work with. It possesses filters that matches practitioners needs and effective three-gradation acquirement procedures which are position, expose and view.

Characteristics and Benefits of RVG 6200

It adjusts to the needs of its users and not the users adjusting to it: Practitioners can optimally set the contrast of images in line with their symptomatic needs or their optic choice with CS Adapt-a fresh characteristic that let’s clinicians institute their default settings of theirs for image processing management. Users can select between pre-set picture quality increment filters or specifying their own, leading to a unique comfort zone for each engagement. Proprietorship algorithm optimally set particularly for RVG 6200 pictures offer elaborate image manufacturing with a simple touch of the button. RVG 6200 now provides the most advanced quality image manufacturing filters suitable to ameliorate diagnostic effectiveness with CS Adapt.

Ever On, Ever Ready

It is different from other earlier models in that there is no urgency or necessity to fortify the RVG 6200 or unlock the image acquirement port to set up the sensor for the acquisition of single image.

The novel sensor is configured to be fortified and ever ready to procure images in the absence of a control box on the cable. This translates to the fact that if a positioning issue arises, users do not need to repower the sensor for procurement.

Not Difficult to Use

The RVG 6200 offers a three-gradation acquirement process which are position, expose and view. Users only need to position the sensor in the mouth of a patient and obtain the image; the image shows almost immediately to aid quicker diagnosis. The RVG 6200 sensor offers higher flexibility by providing a wide picture scope for the capture of image. RVG 6200 does not need time sapping fine tuning of pictures to deliver images that are useful. The scheme includes also templates that can be customized for clinicians to invent Full Mouth Series (FMS) workflow choices that can be personalized.

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