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CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner

The CS 3600 happens to be the next set of developed intraoral scanning device designed to put simpler and smarter scanning in one’s hand with its smooth design, high level of accuracy, lighting speed, surprisingly high-definition 3G, seamless continuous scanning, autoclavable information in substitutable orientations and Intelligent Matching System for scanning that is fast and also flexible.

The technology of CS 3600 is built on CS 3500 intraoral scanner’s functional existence and versatile nature. As to whether an exercise treats or covers reparative, dental orthopedic or infusion cases, the CS 3600 fits one’s demands by facilitating quick, correct and easy digital impression.

Characteristics and Advantages

Uninterrupted or Continuous Scanning:

With the aid of CS 3600 continuous scanning ability, one can in no time consummate a scan in a sleek, continual manner. This facilitates fast and easy dual condescending scans. The impression framework is made simpler with a “grab-and-go” scanning system which decimates the need to control buttons while accelerating acquisition and lowering the mental trend.

Intelligent Matching System:

The CS 3600 exhibits an Intelligent Matching System which gives room for users to easily update lost scan data for any sphere of the information lot.

Smooth Image Capture:

CS 3600 provides a wide scanning scope which translates to the fact that scanners need not be maintained at a set distance to create optimum scan. Whether moving or placing briefly the scanner on a tooth, users can employ whichever style that pleases them in the absence of impeding the image capture action.

Two Rare Tips for Advanced Treatment Preparation

The CS 3600 comes with two tip designs which are the normal tip and the interchangeable tip. The normal tip is suitable for all scanning while the interchangeable and uncommon side oriented tip is particularly configured with a lower tip peak to aid scan in the areas that are difficult. However, both designs are autoclavable to assist optimum sterilization for controlling infection and both can be deployed to use for a maximum of twenty years.

Spectacular Entire HD 3D Digital Effects

The full HD 3D color characteristic offers upgraded 3D pictures in outstanding high definition. The degree of feature exhibited by this recent expression of the scanner’s CS Acquisition software has brought about easier and more potent case examination, education of patients and connections with referrals and laboratories.

Bright colors and elaborate texture ameliorate diagnosis and methods of treating patients preparation by improved consideration of the in-vivo situation.

These characteristics also help communication between patients and doctors as doctors have been able to point out clear digital images whenever they are narrating a treatment process.

Furthermore, full HD 3D color images offer laboratories an unbelievably real picture of the mouth of a patient. This translates to the fact greater precision and reduced make over.

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